The Temple Virtual Tour

The Temple

The Temple is our largest facility to date and houses New Life’s weekly worship and word services on Sundays at 7:30A, 9:30A, and 12:30P. It serves as a community arts and events center for member and community use.
7621 S. Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60619

The Tabernacle

Dubbed as "The Tab," The Tabernacle was our main church location until weekly attendance grew so large we had to expand to the UIC Forum for Sunday services until the Temple was built. Currently, we host Thursday Night Bible Study and 4AM Prayer at The Tabernacle.
1021 E. 78th Street, Chicago, IL 60619

The Annex

The Annex is a great meeting and events space for NLCSE members and community members. Equipped with a small banquet hall and adjacent sanctuary, The Annex is great for parties, showers, weddings and more.
7757 S. Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60619

The Children and Teen Center

Located at 7522 S. Greenwood Avenue is our Children & Teen Center. It is a beautiful three-story building with break-out rooms, storage space, and studios. This building is currently being rented out to one of our esteemed partners, Art In Motion, Monday through Friday. Our Identity Teens and NextGen Children’s Ministry Services are held at the Children & Teen Center on Sundays at 9:30A and 12:30P.
You can identify the Identity House with our teen ministry Identity! The house is the focal point for our youth ministry in planning and implementing programs and services for young people across Chicagoland.
7715 S. Dobson Ave., Chicago, IL 60619