Grow Groups

We grow in circles, not rows

Grow Groups are safe spaces facilitated by trained leaders

Growing together in Christ

Grow Groups are weekly, one-hour virtual gatherings that offer a nurturing and safe environment for individuals to strengthen their relationships with God and fellow believers.
Groups engage in meaningful discussions and studies, diving into a variety of materials like Sunday sermons, books of the Bible or literature that helps in applying biblical principles to one's daily life.

Become a Grow Group Leader 
Experience what God can do when you say yes to leading a group

Descriptions: Group leaders play a vital role in creating a space for people to discuss life and nurture their faith. Imperfection is welcome, and deep biblical knowledge isn’t a prerequisite. As a leader, you foster authenticity and growth, witnessing the faith journeys of others while discovering your own faith’s evolution.
Interested in group leadership? We offer the plan; you bring the leadership.
Take a step forward and witness how God can use you to establish a space for connection and growth.

Real life change happens in the context of relationships

Dig deeper into Sunday's messages for greater application

Grow Groups Testimonial

Grow Groups offer support and care as we journey through various stages of life. Through laughter and learning, we empower each other and encourage our faith. Join a Grow Group today and experience the life changing impact that
relationships bring.